Land of the Lawless | PART 1

It’s summertime when drug dealers make millions of dollars; Rebellious but good-hearted Demetrius goes to Miami to re-supply from his drug cartel connect to continue to fund his daughter’s future. It’s routine until Demetrius’s escort tells him about the local gangs joining forces to kidnap law enforcement the night before. Demetrius learns the kidnappings will happen every day until the lawless run the country because drug cartels and gangs are joining forces all over the country.

During his stay in Miami, curious and concerned, Demetrius starts digging up information at his drug supplier and Haitian drug lord mansion. Strange vibes fill the estate as Demetrius finds documents with horrific diagrams of a witch leading a massacre of righteous people with spiritual power and irresistible seduction. At that moment, he comes face to face with the wife of the Dark One, the witch who walks through walls and crushes the spirit of men. Demetrius is changed forever and begins a new purpose in life. What seems like a criminal uprising in Florida becomes the beginning of a new age.

Good stories shake up the soul. Then, uplift the spirit.

About the author

Hey, my name is Caleb. The Kaeleb in this book series is inspired by me and who I hope to become before I die. I am a soul who loves to contemplate life, God, and purpose. Writing is my way of sharing my beliefs, and Land of the Lawless is my first book. I hope to get better from my supporters’ feedback and grow together on this journey.

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